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Masato Tanaka was born in 1961 in Yokohama, Japan. He obtained his master degree in Design from the Tokyo University of Arts. Combining art with technological knowledge, his art exploration demonstrates that technology does not only bring the acceleration of modern life but also a sense of hidden natural beauty. Although electricity, motors, magnets, solenoids are important components for his work, what creates the major kinetic energy for the free movement is the nature itself, such as wind or gravity. The beauty of the balancing motions of the works is simultaneously an impressive expression on the balance of stresses in daily life of people. To promote a concept Playground of the Eyes he mainly uses inorganic materials and forms to search for peaceful expression, at which our eyes can swim idly for a while when taking a glance at the corner of an ordinary life. He met Hiroshi Koike, a theatre artist, in 1994 and began participating in his works as producer of stage device and object design.

Parallel Time

Kinetic Sculpture and Mechanical Installation by Masato Tanaka (Japan)